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Helpful Links

  • Carbonite
    Current internal hard drives and external back-up devices fail... often putting your pictures and other data at risk (one of my own Samsung hard drives failed after only 6 months). It is important to understand that all critical data must be stored in 2 places at all times! To that end, Carbonite provides a valuable service. For $59 per year they can back up your critical data automatically and on a daily basis. If you cannot afford both, it may be better to use free anti-virus software, and put that money towards an online backup service like Carbonite.

  • AV-TEST and AV Comparatives
    "What is the best antivirus security software?"  I am asked this question almost daily. AV Comparatives and put top security software to the test every quarter and allow you to answer that question. When deciding which antivirus software to use, be sure to look for consistency in testing scores across several previous quarters. You will also find that some very popular paid security software scores poorly.

  • Virus Total
    Free screensavers, free music, free games, unknown video viewers and free adult sites are used by the creators of malware to infect your computer. Think twice about installing applications from (or even viewing) these sites. Before you install a free application, Google it first to see what others say about it, and then use the Virus Total link above to scan the installation files with over 40 different anti-malware tools.

  • ESET Online Scanner
    This online scanner will try to remove any malware that it finds. However, newer malware is becoming increasingly difficult to remove and may not be completely eliminated by the free online tools such as this one.

  • Crucial Upgrade Memory
    Crucial has a tool you can download to determine what type of memory is needed for an upgrade. They make it easy to buy memory, and guarantee it will work in your computer. This site is very dependable but not perfect. You should always open your case and verify your memory type, before you purchase additional memory.

    Great website for ordering computer parts online. Be sure to look for the items with free shipping. This is my preferred source for computer parts.

How to Browse Safely

  • WOT (Web of Trust)
    Is the site you are about to download from safe? Enter the website's URL at WOT and see what other users say.

Virus & Spyware Protection

 Kaspersky Internet Security does well in testing by and AV Comparatives. It is easy to find in retail stores for about $50 a year.


MS Security Essentials
Free antivirus software from Microsoft, that is easy on resources and has NO ads. It has been testing better recently. Currently it only supports Windows 7. If you have Windows 8 or Windows 10 it is already on your computer and is called Windows Defender.

This is a superior malware removal tool. Install this along with your regular antivirus software, and run it once a week. Be sure to update it before you use it, since new definitions are released daily.
Downloading free software is risky if you are not aware that the majority of free tools come with additional unwanted changes to your browsers or software that can wreak havoc on your computer. Ninite allows you to download one or more free tools without getting the ride alongs.

Hard Disk Monitor
Software by Active@ that monitors the status of your hard drives. It can be helpful in detecting a failing hard drive before data is lost.